Hi. I'm Mathilde.

Something of a nomad, I've lived and worked in France, England, Spain, Russia, Sri Lanka and the United States - but I'm originally from Belgium, producer of the world's finest chocolate, waffles and beer. 

My son provides opportunities for inspiration and procrastination in equal measure. If you are interested in meetups, initiatives, residencies and grants specifically for moms in film, join our movement at MomsinFilm.org


Now based in Brooklyn, I write and direct live-action narrative films. My work has screened at dozens of festivals in the US, Belgium and Spain. I've been a Sundance Channel Shorts Contest finalist, a co-leader of the FilmShop collective and a member of the Independent Film School's writer-director lab. I also produce content for good causes, including two videos for Roundabout Theatre Company's Education Department and one for the United Nations' Central Emergency Response Fund which screened at the UN ECOSOC chamber. 


I produce short videos for pro-social campaigns, distilling complicated stories and ideas into clear, digestible animations.  I've received two Pulitzer Center grants and have had my work featured in a number of publications, including French newspaper Le Monde. When the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists received nearly 28,000 pages of leaked documents about Luxembourg's complicated deals with well-known corporations, our tax haven explainer was translated into seven languages and featured on the websites of ICIJ's media partners around the world. 


I am a Master Teaching Artist for the New Victory Theater and Roundabout Theatre Company, as well as an Instructor of Film for the School of the New York Times. I have taught in all five boroughs of New York City. 

I'm a contributor to Teachit's online resource and appear in their hall of fame thanks to my award-winning materials on teaching Shakespeare. I also work for Red Bull Theater Company as Education Co-ordinator. 

While living in France, I launched the Drama Department of the International School of Toulouse, where I taught full-time for two years; I devised the curriculum, delivered classes and workshops, directed extra-curricular performances and led a team of students in UNESCO's Mondialogo Challenge.

Previous film and theater teaching gigs include year-long residencies for the Shakespeare Society, the Palace and the Young Players Theater. A trilingual performer, I specialize in using acting exercises to facilitate language acquisition. I've taught in French, English and Spanish in the USA, the UK and Sri Lanka. I also facilitate professional development for teachers through the Department of Education and the Shakespeare Society. 

As a storyteller, I perform classics for young audiences, including sold-out shows in French and English at BAM on the occasion of Le Petit Prince's 70th anniversary.

I'm a graduate of Cambridge University (BA, MA, Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) and also hold a masters from Drama Centre London.